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This is my newest tutorial to date! Follow along as I break down EXACTLY how I fish new piers, and how I consistently catch fish no matter where I am. I will cover three different ways to catch fish, including my favorite method for catching BIG fish. These techniques and rigs can be applied to almost any pier. You will learn the exact tackle I use, including rods, reels and line, how to set up your gear, how to fish, where to cast, where to find bait, and more! 

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Hey Skipper Salty Baits are our naturally cured and preserved line of special homemade bait! Salty Baits consist of Squidy Bits and Shrimpy Bits, two baits which are proven to catch fish consistently and are ideal for all types of fishing: beach fishing, pier fishing, jetty fishing, freshwater fishing, deep sea fishing, you name it! We were tired of small fish stealing our bait off the hook, ripping off our soft, expensive bloodworms and leaving us with nothing. We also needed a bait that would last a long time without stinking and going bad if we forgot it in our bag. Salty Baits are the answer to these issues and a game changer in the way we catch fish!

Here at Hey Skipper, we want to help others learn how to catch more fish. We specialize in creating fishing crash courses for new anglers! Whether you are learning how to start beach fishing, jetty fishing or pier fishing, we have a guide for you. Learn to tie fishing knots and popular fishing rigs as well as how to apply them while you are out fishing! Each E-Book is packed with detailed illustrations to guide you on your way to landing more fish!

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Our mission here at Hey Skipper is to help as many people learn how to fish as possible! More info about my fishing gear, fishing spots, and exclusive subscriber content + MORE!


To Get as many people off their couches to explore the Great Outdoors!