One thing I love about fishing is that everyone knows someone who fishes. Even if you don’t fish yourself, you most likely have a friend, cousin, brother, or uncle who loves to fish. 

If you are someone looking for a gift for an angler, start by trying to prompt them into talking about fishing (it shouldn’t be hard). Pay attention to what kind of fishing they like to do; Saltwater or freshwater? Lures or bait? What kind of species of fish do they like to catch most? This should give you some idea of how to personalize their gift, and I’m sure it would mean a lot to them. 

Double Stuffed Fishing Pack Bundle

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Here’s why this is a great gift for anglers: it can be used by anyone, whether they primarily fish in saltwater, freshwater, or both. Squidy Bits add action and scent to any lure or can be used as a stand alone bait. It is perfectly preserved so it will stay fresh until the fishing season starts again, and it wont get stinky or messy outside of refrigeration like any other bait. The fishing pack is perfect for keeping essential tackle for the day inside of this hands-free hip bag so that you can quickly access everything you need while in the field. Squidy Bits can be used in many different ways based on the situation and personal creativity. We have many examples of how this bait has been used in the past here to catch all different species of fish. (Not to mention it’s hand-made by us personally right here in the U.S., as well as natural and completely biodegradable.) 

Cost: $58

Who this is for: Anyone who fishes will find a use for this bag and special bait.

Deeper Power Lantern

Amazon Deeper

This is a new product on the market that blows away the competition. In the past, the only lanterns that were this powerful were big and bulky. The Deeper Power Lantern is small enough to fit in your pocket and attaches to basically anything with both magnets and hooks for hanging. It also functions as a power bank to charge your phone or other accessories. I’ve used this for camping, personally, and have been so grateful to have this tool. The power lasts forever (over a week of camping without charging this!) and the different lighting options give a great variety for many situations. I would be happy if someone gave me ANOTHER one of these, honestly. 

Cost: It’s a little expensive on Amazon for almost $90 but you can snag it on Deepers Website for $70

Who this is for: Anglers who prefer the night shift, going out early in the morning or who love camping out. Anyone who needs a little, portable, powerful light.

Shimano Reel Bag

Amazon Tackle Direct

This is the gift I got Brendon for his birthday this past October and, boy, it was a good one. It has already come in so much use that it makes me wonder why we didn’t get one of these sooner. This is a high quality bag for storing fishing reels of many different sizes. It’s hard on all the sides so it feels like everything in there is safe and secure without worry of bending or damaging anything. It also has some nice pockets to store any other fishing accessories, such as leader line or pliers. When we travel this is what Brendon packs all of our reels in instead of wrapping them with cloth and stuffing them in a backpack or bag. 

Cost: I found a few mediums left on Amazon for $74.93 and Tackle Direct for $59.99

Who this is for: Traveling fishermen, anglers who take care of their gear, anglers with extra fishing reels lying around that need storage solutions.

Portable Coolers

Some fishermen keep their fish to eat, some catch and release. Those who do keep their fish find it very rewarding to cook their catch and share it with friends and family. A portable cooler is a great accessory to have when you are out fishing and traveling light or on a kayak without much space. I have two different recommendations for a cooler based on my experience.

Tourit Cooler Backpack


First, the Tourit cooler backpack is a great option for those who don’t always catch fish to keep but would like to be prepared if it should happen. Tourit is made of high quality material and is an excellent option for lunches, day trips, or even to stow fishing tackle in. 

Cost: $36.99 on Amazon

Who this is for: Casual anglers who like to catch and cook in city or pier environments where it doesn’t get too messy or dirty. Someone who might keep their tackle in here and swap it out if they happen to catch a keeper.

Arctic Zone Zipperless Cooler


Second in this category is the Arctic Zone Zipperless cooler, which made this list because it has no zipper. I like this cooler because I know there is no chance it breaking due to dirt or sand or saltwater in the zipper, and it comes with a little tray inside for my bait. 

Cost: $29.99 on Amazon

Who is this for: Anglers who primarily use bait, anglers who fish saltwater or fish in sandy areas

Fly Tying Kit


This is a great activity for anglers who don’t have much fishing to do during the winter months: they can tie flies to prepare for the upcoming fishing season in the spring! Fly tying is not only for fly fishermen– saltwater angler and freshwater anglers alike can use the kit to dress hooks on lures, tie bucktails, make teasers, and more. Brendon and I recently began tying lures and have found it to be a fun and rewarding activity as well as very easy to get started.

Cost: $89.99 at Cabelas

Who this is for: Anyone who has a little extra time on their hands and wants to continue exploring their love for fishing without being outside on the field.

A Good Pair of Pliers


Every. Fisherman. Needs. These. Seriously, even if they say they don’t, they do. These will become the pair of pliers that will help them get endless fish off their hooks, squish split shots, cut line, and change out hooks. They might never buy these for themselves, but they will be grateful they have it when they do.

Cost: $16.59 on Amazon 

Who this is for: Everyone!

Sun Scarf


Similar to the pliers, everyone needs a sun scarf. Now, I’ve heard from many people that they don’t need it, to which I reply, “Did you know that 95% of wrinkles come from sun exposure?” Who wants to look wrinkled from years of fishing? Everyone could use one of these. They would make a nice stocking stuffer!

Cost: $9.90 for 6 on Amazon

Who this is for: Everyone 

Soft Science Shoes

Soft Science Store Our Youtube Review

This recommendation comes from the result of many weeks of testing many different fishing shoes. We wanted to find the perfect pair of boots for wading that wouldn’t gather sand or dirt in the shoes while draining. These Soft Science shoes were designed by the previous CEO of Rebok and Chief of Design from Crocs, and it shows. They feel comfortable like Crocs when you wear them, the lace up design is ideal for sandy situations, and most importantly they have big drainage holes on the sides so that all the moisture drains from them when walking in and out of water. These shoes do get wet, they are not waterproof, they’re more like spring/ summer/ fall shoes to wear before it gets too cold. They say they’re mens shoes but I also got a pair for myself that I love.

Cost: $89.95 on their website

Who this is for: Beach fishermen, kayakers, people who wade while fishing, anyone who needs a good fishing boot and hops around / in the water

Shimano Ci4+


This is the biggest ticket item on this list and for someone who you must truly care for. This was a gift I got for Brendon on sale over 3 years ago which he uses to this day. It’s great for all types of fishermen as it is small but powerful, it’s also rated for saltwater. This makes a perfect second rod setup for smaller fish on the side. Brendon and I have both caught nice fish on this reel, it’s smooth and powerful and makes fishing fun. It’s nice to have a little spinner reel like this regardless of what kind of fishing you do primarily.

Cost: $229 on Amazon

Who this is for: Anglers who take care of their gear, anglers who would go for fish on the smaller side (trout, striped bass, perch, panfish, baitfish, etc.)

Please let me know if this guide is helpful to you, if you love these products, or if you get them for someone and they love them! I wanted to write this guide because I have looked for fishing gifts online in the past and have had a hard time finding quality recommendations. 

Thanks for reading!


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