We are almost at a quarter MILLION subscribers! We have people from all walks of life connecting through one simple thing, the love of fishing. We love our fans, and we want to give back as much as we can, as often as we can. We want to thank you for all the love. I have chosen these gifts based on the fishing gear I have and love. I want to share the joy with 3 lucky winners.

 I’m giving away a bundle of our newest swag!

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Our friends at Phenix Rods have donated their special 10’ Black Diamond Surf Rod. This is a great affordable high end rod, I seriously love mine and I think the winner will love theirs. 

They are also donating their special Hydra 8x  braided line. I just spooled my reels up with this. This is high quality braid,  pretty darn thin so it can cast a mile. For more info on the line: click here

Our friends at Deeper are donating their special  Lantern/ power bank. This thing rules, I have taken it camping with me numerous times. It is very handy. For more info on the lantern:click here

I have also put together 5 packs of Squidy Bits in a big waterproof container. This will be perfect for you to store and cut up your bait in. I love bringing this bait box on 2-3 day trips.

Good luck to everyone, thank you for all the love and support!


  • 10′ Black Diamond Surf fishing rod from Phenix Rods (rated for 1-6 oz)
  • Hey Skipper Fan Bundle  (Cap+ Fanny Pack)
  • Deeper Lantern/Powerbank
  • 2 packs of 350 yards Phenix Hydra 8x Braided line
  • Squidy Bits Mega BOX



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