Neon Shrimpy Bits Giveaway!

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce our latest Giveaway! This time around we are giving away our newest product: Neon Shrimpy Bits. They come in two different colors: Neon Orange and Neon Pink. This time around there will be 4 winners instead of just one! This should give people a better chance to win and try our Neon Shrimpy Bits. 

4 Winners Total

Each Winner will receive: 

1x Neon Orange Shrimpy Bits

1x Neon Pink Shrimpy Bits

Neon Orange Shrimpy Bits

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Neon Pink Shrimpy Bits

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Entering is simple! All you need to do is provide us your primary email address so we can alert you if you win! Be sure to stay subscribed to the email newsletter, we have had winners that we couldn’t contact because there was not an active user.


Must be from United states (Sorry international fans) 

 Thank you all and GOOD LUCK! 

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