10 Pack Long Distance Cast “Sure Catch” Rig- Fish Finder/ Carolina Rig

I use this rig when I need to cast my rig out to far distances. The leader line is intentionally short so that when casting out, the bait doesn’t spin around in the air and lose distance. My favorite bait to use with this is live mullet, cut mullet heads and whole peeled shrimps.

Each pack comes with 3 pre tied rigs! Perfect for quick and efficient fishing trips. You will spend more time fishing and less time tying up fishing rigs!

I guarantee you will catch fish with this fishing rig, that’s why it’s called the SURE-CATCH Fishing Rig!


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  • Made in the USA!

How to setup rig:

Fish Finder: This is the primary way I use this rig. Set up a fish finder attachment or simply use a snap swivel (Not included) on your main line, then tie on the rig.

Carolina Rig: Attach an egg sinker on your main line, then tie on the rig. This works great for rocky areas or places with structure on the bottom, the egg sinker is great for avoiding snags.


These rigs are tied with 30# monofilament line and 2/0 circle sea hooks.

These rigs are similar to many of the others that we use and tie ourselves. They are effective in many different settings and are meant to be fished in a variety of different ways.

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