10pk Basic “Catch All” Hi- Low Bottom Fishing Rig by Hey Skipper

10 packs of rigs for the perfect fishing trip. This is what I personally take on every one of my fishing trips. Catch TWO fish at the same time with this rig! It is perfect for catching virtually ALL bottom fish. I created this variation because this is my favorite way to naturally present the bait. This rig is simple to use, easy to attach your fishing rod, extremely effective for bottom fish of all kinds! 

This is THE PERFECT RIG to use with our Squidy Bits, Clammy Bits or Shrimpy Bits!


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“Catch-All” Bottom Fishing Rig by Hey Skipper

Be ready for a full day of fishing fun! This is our new and improved version of our hand-tied high-low bottom fishing rig! They are assembled with my personal custom measurements to produce more bites while reducing the amount of tangling. 

I personally customized these rigs to be durable, effective and efficient! I chose to put a nice heavy swivel clip at the bottom to prevent casting your sinker off by accident.

This rig is also tied with 20#  line, the perfect thickness in my opinion, so you can feel comfortable reeling in various sizes of fish, but not have to sacrifice the amount of bites you get. High-low rigs are one of the most versatile and effective fishing rigs to catch a variety of different fish.

These rigs are similar to many of the others that we use and tie ourselves. They are effective in many different settings and are meant to be fished on the bottom with a sinker. It never hurts to have one or two Bottom fishing Rigs in your tackle box! Our bottom fishing rig saves you more time on the water and less time tying up your own rigs!


This Rig is so simple to use!

  1. Attach your main line to the barrel swivel.
  2. Add your favorite Salty Baits on the hooks.
  3. Attach a sinker to the crane swivel.
  4. Get ready to start catching fish!

Fishes that we’ve caught on our Catch-All Bottom Fishing Rig:

Red Drum

Black Drum

Speckled trout



Striped Bass



Black Drum


and many more!

Weight: 3 grams

10-Pack of “Catch-All” Bottom Fishing Rig also available 

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