Value Pack- Clammy Bits (3-Pack)

Buy in bulk, save in bulk! When you buy three packs of our Clammy Bits, you will save money on each pack! It is always a smart idea to have a bit of extra bait in the fridge, stock up now and never miss another fishing opportunity!

Our newest experiment in our salted bait line! Stop dealing with messy, mushy, stinky, frozen clams and try our freshly preserved Clammy Bits for a great day of fishing! These special clams are tough as nails and one piece will easily last for multiple fish. Their natural red color is a proven fish attractant, perfect for adding to your hook to increase your chance of catching fish. These are mess-free clams that we hand-salt in a special dry brine mixture.

All the natural scents of a real clam are preserved within this dry salted version. As soon as the clam hits the water, it starts to take in moisture again and release a cloud of clammy scent! Each pack will come with 7-9 freshly salted clams in our special salt mixture. We’ve been experimenting with this bait for over a year and a half to get it to this point and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we have!

Use whole for targeting bigger fish, or cut it into smaller pieces for medium-small fish.

While our bait is naturally preserved with salt, for best results and long-term storage please refrigerate your bait when not in use.





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Clammy Bits


Small fish can’t rip this bait off. STOP spending so much time re-baiting your line and start spending more time actually fishing! Set the hook on the fish that count with Hey Skipper Salty Bits Bait! Our bait is tough, stays on the hook, and attracts fish with natural scent and flavor.

This is a classic bait that has been working for anglers all over the world for many years, and we are proud to continue the tradition.

Our bait is artisanally made by hand using our special salting technique. We have carefully and systematically created a process that beautifully preserves the bait so that it can sit in the open air without becoming stinky, smelly, mushy, squishy, or leaky. We are just a small business and we put extra time and care into creating the best bait possible. Every bag of bait you purchase is directly produced by Brendon & Erin, made and hand- packaged in Maryland, USA.

Here is a list of the different species we KNOW bite the SALTY BITS:

Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, WIDE variety of rock fish species, Flounder, Halibut, Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Weakfish, Black Drum, Wide variety of Florida baitfish, Porgy/Scup, Largemouth  & Smallmouth Bass, All species of Catfish, Carp, Freshwater Panfish, White & Yellow Perch, Grouper, Amberjack, Bonito, Tile Fish, Offshore bottom fish & MORE!

Care instructions:

  • To keep your bait as FRESH as possible:
  • Keep out of direct sunlight when fishing
  • Keep in the fridge for optimal storage

Bait will naturally vary in color and size 

Bait is packaged with additional salt preservation mixture

The total weight of each package with salt mixture is about 12 oz.

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Clammy Bits are freshly preserved fishing bait with a gorgeous, natural red color combies with a juicy scent that fish can’t resist. These clams are better than their frozen counterparts because frozen clams get mushy and fall off the hook. Our bait is tough, stays on the hook, and still attracts fish with natural scent and flavor. 


Clammy Bits work great for both saltwater and freshwater species of fish. It all depends on how you use the bait.

Cut a piece of clam that will easily fit in the mouth of the fish you are targeting. For fish such as pompano, trout, redfish, drum, whiting or other species, use a piece that is sized accordingly.

Hook the bait on a high-low rig (my favorite method), a bottom rig, or simply drift it with a split shot or a float.

We personally love using these in combination with other fresh, softer baits such as shrimp or cut baitfish. The red color of the clam is a proven fish attractant, and they’re super tough so they hold the bait on your hook well.

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I recommend this product

Love it

Best bait I ever try

  • Did the bait last longer than your average store bought bait? Didn't lastaverageLong lasting
  • How many fish did you catch on our bait? 01-33-66-88-10
  • Would you purchase our Salted Baits again? Yes
I recommend this product

clam bits review

My experience with the clammy bits was overall very good. The clams are tough and don't fall off the hook.

  • Did the bait last longer than your average store bought bait? Didn't lastaverageLong lasting
  • How many fish did you catch on our bait? 01-33-66-88-10
  • Would you purchase our Salted Baits again? Yes
Kimberly K.

Amazing bait!

This bait works! Highly recommend. Caught 10 species of fish and never had an empty hook. Love it.


Hey Skipper Official Store

Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for supporting our store! Wow 10 species of fish caught on our Clammy Bits! We are glad that our bait worked out for you! Stay safe and tight lines!

I recommend this product

Tried it out

I caught many fish in Delaware with it. No problem at all.

Shannon B.

Awesome bait!

Stays on the hook very well and fish love it! Also, my roommate loves the fact that the freezer is less full of stinky bait! Thank you guys! -Silver Fish


Hey Skipper Official Store

Thank you Shannon we hope our Clammy Bits landed you on some fish!

Hey Skipper