Fishing Workshop: How to CONSISTENTLY Catch and Harvest Fish!

Catching fish consistently all starts with planning and prepping correctly. In this Fishing Workshop you will learn how to prepare at home for a great day of fishing as well as harvesting your own fish as an essential practice during our current day situation. We will get in touch with the roots and fundamentals of fishing as well as share with you the essential skill of preparing and harvesting your fish for sustenance.

This video seminar includes 3 different topics of discussion over the course of 6 videos. Each topic includes a lesson/ discussion with Brendon and Erin as well as a homework activity to complete on your own. We will also include reference links and resources to help you continue learning after the seminar has finished.

Originally, this seminar was shared over the course of three days, so we invite you to take your time watching, taking notes, and doing the extra homework activity that goes along with each lesson.

Join us for over an hour of fishing lessons right from the comfort and safety of your own home. The Hey Skipper Team put together this idea for you in an effort to relieve stress, share new techniques and tips, and celebrate our love and joy of fishing during the time of the COVID-19.

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Fishing Workshop: How to CONSISTENTLY Catch and Harvest Fish!
Day 1– Know Before You Go– How to prepare at home for a great day of fishing
Video 1, Day 1 Lesson: 19:40
This video lesson will be on how to prepare at home for a great day of fishing, including how to find new spots, what to look for in weather conditions, reading tides, preparing gear, checking reports and more
Video 2, Day 1 Activity: 3:52

Day 2 — Cooking your Catch
Video 3, Day 2 Lesson: 22:51
The topic of the second day will include a discussion on the best practices for harvesting, storing, increasing the longevity of your catch, as well as include a favorite family recipe and cooking demonstration!
Video 4, Day 2 Activity: 4:24

Day 3 — Ethics of Fishing
Video 5, Day 3 Lesson: 18:51
The topic for the last day of the retreat will be about how to harvest fish in a sustainable manner in order to ensure our fisheries remain healthy and balanced. We will discuss best practices for fish handling, what fish to release, and discuss the anglers pledge.
Video 6, Day 3 Activity: 2:37

Video 7, LIVE! Session: 53:31
In the original airing of this seminar we went LIVE on the last day for closing ceremonies, discussion, and a digital fishing community party! The link to this live video will be included as part of the seminar package even though the date has passed. We would love to answer any questions or comments you have, so even though we will not be chatting live together, please send us an email with you comments to

We hope you enjoyed this Fishing Workshop we put together!
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