Jumbo Shrimpy Bits

Limited Edition JUMBO Salted Shrimp (7-10pc)

Our newest experiment in our salted bait line! Stop dealing with messy, mushy, stinky, frozen shrimp and try our freshly preserved salted shrimps for a great day of fishing! These shrimps are tough as nails and one piece will last for multiple fish. These are mess-free shrimp that we hand-salt in a special dry brine mixture. All the natural scents of a real shrimp are preserved within this dry salted version. As soon as the shrimp hits the water, it starts to take in moisture again and release a cloud of shrimp scent!  Each pack will come with 7-10 fresh salted shrimps in our special salt mixture.  

These Jumbo Shrimpy Bits are huge. Perfect for targeting bigger fish, or cut it into smaller pieces for medium-small fish. 


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