Jumbo Squid Slabs (2-Pack)

2 Packs of our largest Squid! You get 2 ENTIRE SQUIDY BIT JUMBO SQUID SLAB! Cut whatever shapes you desire. BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

The Squidy Bit: Jumbo Squid Slab come with the entire UNCUT salt preserved mantle of a squid. This thing is BIG. With this bait, the possibilities are endless. Cut this bait into whatever shapes you you desire. The Jumbo Squid Slab is a TOUGH bait that seems to attract a very wide variety of fish. Put a strip on the end of your buck-tail or jig head, or simply rig a strip  on the hook. for a top bottom rig.  You can really get creative with this bait.  Whether you are fishing from a boat, the surf, a pier, a jetty, freshwater or saltwater, using the salty squid will surprise you every time! No need to freeze! Keep at room temperature, or refrigerate. A great bait to have in your tackle bag.

A couple bags of the Squidy Bit: Jumbo Squid Slab will last me a weeklong fishing trip! This bait is tough, you don’t need to change it often simply because it is difficult for fish to rip this bait. Have the freedom to be creative with this blank canvas of bait.

~Try cutting a trailer for your bucktail lures

~Cut off a big chunk and put it on a big hook!

~Tip a flounder Rig with a long skinny strip



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