Show your support for your favorite fishing channel with this 3” X 3” waterproof sticker, perfect for your tackle box, phone or anywhere you see fit. This sticker material is made of vinyl so it can get wet and sit in the sun with no problem. Designed by Brendon himself!


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Artist notes: When you are in nature, oftentimes you need to be still and take a deep look in order to really notice what is happening around you. You could be at your fishing spot for 20 minutes before you notice all the bait fish swimming around, or the osprey in the tree above you, or the flowers that are just beginning to bloom. When you are fishing you are taking a deep look into nature, and similarly, you must take a closer look to really see the intricate design in this sticker. I hope to encourage and remind you to take a slow breath and look deeply into the world around you. You might be surprised by what you find!

Size: 3×3 inches
Weight: .01 oz


Single Sticker, 3 Pack

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