10 PK- “Sure-Catch” Multi Use Fishing Rig by Hey Skipper

30 Sure Catch Fishing Rigs total. BUY MORE, SAVE MORE! Stock up on these essential fishing rigs!  This bundle comes with 10 packs of three “Sure Catch Fishing Rigs.” These fishing rigs are PERFECT for your next big season of fishing!  You will spend way MORE time fishing and way LESS time tying up fishing rigs! 

You can tie on this rig with confidence, knowing that it is proven to work and trusted around the word. I’m absolutely sure you will catch fish with this fishing rig, that’s why it’s called the “SURE CATCH”! This is one of the most essential and versatile fishing rigs in all of fishing. 

Here are some of my favorite methods: 

Carolina Rig: Put an egg sinker and a bead on your main line and tie to the rig. This method is perfect for fishing the bottom  in moving current.  

Free Line: Simply tie the main line to the rig and use live bait for the most natural presentation.

Bobber: Tie the main line to the rig and attach a bobber at the depth you want to fish. This is perfect for drift fishing, or fishing higher up the water column.


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These rigs are tied with 30# monofilament line and 2/0  circle sea hooks. 

These rigs are similar to many of the others that we use and tie ourselves. They are effective in many different settings and are meant to be fished in a variety of different ways.

Hey Skipper

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