Weekend Warrior Saltwater Fishing Box- Waterproof Box, 1pk Clammy Bits, 1pk Shrimpy Bits, 1 pk Basic Catch All Rig, 1 pk Sure Catch Rig

This bundle is for the weekend warriors! Perfect for a weekend of fishing, I created this bundle for you to just grab and go out fishing, no thinking or tying rigs involved! Just get straight to catching fish! It includes our signature waterproof bait box, 1pk Clammy Bits, 1pk Shrimpy Bits, 1 Pk Basic Catch All Rig and 1 Pk Sure Catch Rig.


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  • Made in the USA!

Use the bait with our hand tied “Catch All” fishing rig to catch a variety of fish, then use the fish you catch as cut bait or live bait on the “Sure Catch” rig. These products are what I recommend for anyone who is going out fishing for a couple of days. Don’t miss out on a good fishing time, get this bundle and start catching fish this weekend!

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