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Hi everyone, Brendon here. I wanted to share with anyone who needs suggestions of rods and reels I use religiously on the Hey Skipper show. This Fishing Gear List will explain why I love the gear i fish with so much and why they are worth buying!

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St. Croix Rods

I do MANY kinds of fishing, but buying a rod and reel for each kind of fishing just doesn’t work out budget-wise for me. This is why I chose to buy a few high-quality rods that will last me a good while and will be versatile enough to fish the changes with me. I have used many kinds of rods in my lifetime, but St. Croix will always be at the top of the list. I use all St. Croix rods. They are very sensitive and are lightweight with good, sturdy construction. For the surf, I use a 9′ Mojo Surf and a 9′  Triumph. For inshore fishing, kayak fishing, and pier fishing, I use a 6’6″ St Croix Tide Master.

Paired with a Shimano Saragossa, I am ready for whatever kind of fishing I choose to do.

Preferred St. Croix Rods: Mojo Surf, Triumph, Tidemaster

Dream Rods: I want some CUSTOM built rods next! Who can help me!?

I love both Shimano and St. Croix for their quality and their warranty. They have never let me down in all the years I have been using their products. Keep in mind: I am referring to the Mid-High range products. I cannot speak for the cheaper stuff. If you are a serious fisherman and plan on fishing for years to come, my suggestion is to invest in some nicer gear.

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Shimano has always held a place in my heart. Maybe it’s because I was raised fishing Shimano; I’ve been fishing with my dad all my life and all he uses is Shimano. I carry my Shimano Saragossa with me everywhere. Whether I am surf fishing, inshore fishing, kayak fishing, or pier fishing, the Saragossa seems to stay my favorite because it is such a versatile reel. The quality is superb, and at close to $300, you really get what you pay for.

The reel itself is very powerful and the extra large handle really adds to that. It is important for me that I have a comfortable and strong grip when I am up against a big fish. On top of this, their warranty is amazing. Not long ago, I clumsily bent the handle out of shape and the reel didn’t work so well after that. I called customer service and they send me a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW REEL. New model and everything. Thank you, Shimano!

Preferred Shimano reels: Saragossa, Stradic, Baitrunner

Dream Shimano Reels: Stella, Twin Power

Thank you all for reading my Fishing Gear List. I hope It was helpful.

Tight Lines, Brendon

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