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Where is my Order?

How long does shipping take?

What postal service carrier do you use?

All orders are shipped via USPS flat-rate priority mail.

Do you ship Internationally?

My order says that it was delivered, but I can’t find it.

Where are my E-books?

My package arrived damaged!

Do I need to refrigerate or freeze my bait?

No! It is not necessary to refrigerate this bait, however, we do recommend that if you want to keep it fresh for as long as possible keep your bait in the fridge when not in use. Do NOT freeze your bait, as this causes water to expand and shrink within the bait and produces inconsistencies in texture and moisture once thawed.

How long does the Salty Bits Fishing Bait last?

What does it smell like?

What species of fish can I catch with Salty Bits Fishing Bait?

How do I use Salty Bits Fishing Bait?

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Where can I find Coupons?

Where can I enter my Coupon Code?

You can find the Coupon Code box at the checkout, right below the order total.

Why doesn't my Coupon Work?

What Can I do with my points?

Can I send rewards to a friend?

How do I find my Reward Points?

Rewards Points can be found under your account in Login or register and find your “Loyalty and Rewards” tab under your account info.

Questions? Comments? Issues? Concerns?

I don’t remember the password for my account…

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