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Where is my order?

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing and delivery. We are a very small team and we want to ensure the best quality possible for all the products we deliver. A tracking number will be sent out to your email as soon as we ship your order out.

How long does shipping take?

We ship out orders every 2-3 business days. You should receive your order within about a week of ordering. Please note that PDF products are digital and will not be shipped in the mail!

What postal service carrier do you use?

All orders are shipped via USPS.

How can I track my order?

You will receive email notifications containing your tracking number and order status. PLEASE be sure to check your spam folder, as these notifications are often misplaced by email filters! If you cannot locate a tracking number for your order, email us at support@heyskipperfishing.com and we will provide you the information.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship any of our physical products internationally unless they are covered by USPS Domestic mail. U.S. Domestic mail includes U.S. Territories and some U.S. military bases. International friends can always take advantage of our PDF Tutorials and instant downloads!

My order says that it was delivered, but I can’t find it?

If your order was marked as delivered or you did not receive your package, please contact your local USPS in addition to our team and inquire about where USPS left the package and when it was delivered. (There’s a chance that it was prematurely scanned and marked as delivered by accident.)  We have no control over your package after it has been accepted by the postal service, but we will do everything we can to help!!

Where can I find the PDF's I just downloaded?

Check your email inbox AND your SPAM folder! If you cannot find it, please email us at support@heyskipperfishing.com and we will provide you with your download links!

Do you ship on weekends?

We only ship on regular business days, Monday- Friday. You can expect to hear back from customer service on those days as well if you email with a question.

How do I qualify for Free Shipping?

You will qualify for Free Shipping when your cart totals up to $150. Please select the Free shipping radio button under cart total or the shipping tab at checkout. 

What species of fish has it caught?

We know that the Squidy Bits has caught these species (and the list continues to grow): striped bass, flounder/fluke, black sea bass, calico bass, California rockfish species, sturgeon, bonito, scup/ porgy, black drum, sea robin, mackerel, gag grouper, white perch, spot, bluefish, pompano, jack crevalle, catfish, pinfish, porkfish, black margate, oyster crackers, bluegill, largemouth and smallmouth bass.

What do Squidy Bits smell like?

Squidy Bits smell like fish food! We are currently experimenting with scent. Our latest batch has the strongest scent to date. But this may fluctuate depending on the feedback you provide us in the suggestion box. Please let us know if you like or dislike the scent of the Squidy Bits!

Do Squidy Bits need to be refrigerated?

It is not necessary to refrigerate this bait, however, we recommend that if you want to keep it fresh for as long as possible, keep your bait in the fridge when not in use.

How long before the Squidy Bits go bad?

It is not necessary to refrigerate this bait, however, we recommend that if you want to keep it fresh for as long as possible, keep your bait in the fridge when not in use.

How do I use the Squidy Bits?

Check out our exclusive content page to watch videos on how we recommend to use the Squidy Bits, or download our “How To Use Squidy Bits” Instant Download PDF!  How you use the squid also depends on which type you choose and what kind of fish you want to target. We like to use the tentacles to tip on the end of jig heads and other lures as a replacement for soft plastics. Jumbo Slabs are unique because they allow the angler to cut pieces and shapes specific to the lure or rig they are using. Our favorite way to use the Jumbo Slabs is to cut them into triangle shapes or forks and fish them on the end of bucktails. You can get creative with this bait. Another favorite use of the Jumbo Slabs is in combination with other softer baits on rigged hooks with sinkers. This bait shines because it cannot be pulled off the hook, so if you feel a bite you can leave your line in the water, knowing you still have bait. With The Shrimpy Bits, try cutting them into smaller chunks for bait fish or put a whole shrimp on the hook for a bigger target species.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

YES! Pay via PayPal or Stripe; you can pay with your credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. You can also use Stripe if you have a credit card but no Paypal Account.

Where can I find Coupons?

We usually have discount coupons available in the descriptions of our Youtube videos OR through our email newsletters! Sign up for special deals available throughout the year! You might also find some sprinkled throughout the site 😉

What can I do with Hey Skipper Rewards Points?

Rewards Points can be used toward the purchase of products on heyskipperfishing.com. You can earn coupons and special rewards for signing up!

  • Earn 3 points for every dollar you spend.
  • Earn 30 points for signing up as a new user
  • Earn 30 points for your first order with us
  • 150 points = 10% off an item
  • 200 points = 20% off an item
  • 400 points = 40% off an item
How do I find my Rewards Points?

Rewards Points can be found under your account in heyskipperfishing.com. Login or register and find your “Loyalty and Rewards” tab under your account info.

How do I use my points to purchase products on HeySkipperFishing.com?

Log into your Hey Skipper Account and click on My Account > Loyalty and Rewards Tab. If you have enough reward points you will see the Rewards Overview tab with Unlockable Rewards available. Unlock a reward of your choice and then Proceed to the Cart and apply any available coupon you have to your order.

I don’t remember my password for my account-

You can try resetting your password through this link:  https://www.heyskipperfishing.com/my-account/lost-password/  If resetting your password does not work, contact our customer service support@heyskipperfishing.com for further assistance

Can I send a reward to a friend?

All rewards are either awarded in the device used to redeem a reward, or the corresponding email address in your Hey Skipper account. Rewards are non-transferable.

Can you come fish in my home State/Country?

Yes! However, we only travel when we KNOW where the fish are. We will come to your home waters if you are willing to guide us for some fish and show us around. Send us an email at info@heyskipperfishing.com with your name, the kind of fish you want to show us how to catch, and a short explanation why we should make the trip to fish at your location. It helps if we can see who you are on Facebook/Instagram. Otherwise, it’s like we are total strangers!

How do I find my Rewards Points?

If USPS damaged your order during transit, please email us at support@heyskipperfishing.com with your name, order # and a photo of the item that is defective so we can submit a claim to the post office and make sure that you are taken care of 🙂 we never want to leave you feeling unsatisfied or unhappy with your purchase!

How to contact us with problems?

If you have any general inquiries, please contact info@heyskipperfishing.com

If you have a problem with your order, such as canceling or changing the shipping address, please contact support@heyskipperfishing.com

For feedback or suggestions, please use our suggestion box

Still have a question?

If you’re looking for updates on your order, shipping, and any emails sent to customer service, check your spam folder!! We respond to EVERY customer email we receive!

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