Orange Yellow Catch All Rig


Finally, after many requests from our subscribers, we have hand-tied fishing rigs available! You can finally try out one of our favorite fishing rigs without having to tie it yourself. Perfect for beaches, piers, fresh and saltwater.

Choose between a rig with orange/yellow floats or a rig with glowing green floats. The colors and patterns on the floats were chosen to imitate coquina clams and sand flea eggs (natural baits that fish love to eat, especially in saltwater settings.) These floats are made of a high-density polyethylene foam to keep your bait floating and resistant to the pounding waves. The combination of a fish seeing a flash of color with the smell of your bait is the perfect recipe for a fishy day!

This is THE PERFECT RIG to use with our Squidy Bits, Clammy Bits or Shrimpy Bits!

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This rig is tied with 20# monofilament line, 2/0 eagle claw offset circle sea hooks, and high density foam floats. Attached to the top of the rig is a size 7 barrel swivel, and on the bottom, a size 5 dual lock snap to attach a sinker of your choice. The rig is about 2’-3’ long and contains two dropper loops with a float, bead, and hook on each dropper.

These rigs are similar to many of the others that we use and tie ourselves. They are effective in many different settings and are meant to be fished on the bottom with a sinker.

Weight: 3 grams