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Stop Losing Your Bait With This Fishing Knot! The Egg Loop Knot

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I got tired of small fish stealing my soft fishing bait and began searching for a solution. 

I bought some peeler crabs, which are some of the best and most expensive fishing bait in the Chesapeake Bay area, and carefully hooked them on my line. I then cast my line out only to lose my precious bait to pesky picking perch. I needed a way to keep bait on my hook, so I tried a new fishing knot. 

The Egg Loop Knot will secure any soft baits you may use for fishing on the hook so fish can’t tug it off easily. This is a great way to keep your bait securely attached to your hook without needing any extra gear.

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Fishing Leader line of your choice (I use 25# fluorocarbon line)

Fishing Hook of your choice (I use 2/o circle hook)

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Check out the video above for an in-depth tutorial of how to tie the Egg Loop Knot as well as a demonstration of the egg loop knot in action. I hope you can use it to help increase your chances of catching a fish in your area.

In this video, we are fishing in the Chesapeake Bay Area in MD.  We are hoping to catch some keeper size striped bass using soft shell peeler crabs. The spot is difficult to fish because of all moving water and wooden poles in the way. This means it is crucial that our bait stays on. It is hard enough to cast the bait into the correct spot; we can’t have the bait flying off the hook as we cast it!  

The Egg Loop Knot proved to be a perfect solution to my problem. The loop allowed me to keep my bait in place without losing it by casting it off or letting small fish take it away. 

Let me know if you try tying this knot for yourself, how it works for you, and what you catch with it! If you’d like more information on fishing gear or other go-to rigs, check out some of our other PDF Fishing Tutorials. My latest tutorial covers four basic fishing rigs that everyone should know. Give them a try!

Good Luck out there!

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