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Captain Henry O’ and his sons Henry Jr and Mike say they spend way less time re-baiting hooks and more time fishing. Henry O’ reports that half a bag of our bait landed his crew 200 fish! The crew all agrees that Squidy Bits are the perfect bait to weed out the small fish and set the fish on the fish that count! Follow Gaelic Wake Sports Fishing on Facebook if you are interested in booking a trip with them!


Mike from the @Jerseyjiggin Instagram page reported that he limits out on flounder and catches big black sea bass using the Hey Skipper Squidy Bits bait! “ What I like about it is that you can literally shake off the smaller fish and wait for the bigger hits without having to re-bait. That is the advantage I will have on the other guys.” Follow Mike on Instagram to see more of his MANY catches in New Jersey!

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What our Customers say!

We asked our customers one simple question. “ How did you like our squidy bits?”

Well I took some to Michigan, and the catfish loved it, also got some perch on it as well. Still trying to get bluegill on it. Am giving some to my bud to try out in South Carolina maybe she will have better luck. But am not giving up, maybe tentacles next time I will get.

Excellent bait porgies and sea bass had a tough time stealing my bait caught numerous fish on one piece of bait. Thank again.

The bait works phenomenally I mainly use it for bottom fishing and worked great on the charter. And out on the surf cutting a nice tentacle and using it as a jig I love the product

I’ve used the Hey Skipper Squidy bits on a number of occasions. I’ve caught spotted sea bass with it so far and am still trying to hook up on a lake catfish with this bait (I feel this bait is capable of doing it). I love the dexterity and versatility of this bait as well. The seagulls even love it (I’ve lost bait to them when not paying attention lol).

Stayed on the hook for porgies and sea bass much longer than fresh squid and just as effective. I used them on my larger jigs like I used to use pork rind and out caught everyone around me using the same lure without squidy bits.

I got the squidy bits for an upcoming vacation trip but I had to try them out first and wow are they tough! I caught several panfish and even a large mouth bass on them! I can’t wait to take them to the beach! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for your fun and informative videos!

Caught my first Snakehead last week (23-1/2”) using a 1/2 oz White spinnerbait with a trailer hook attached and a Squidy Bait tentacle attached to the trailer hook. After only a couple jerks He inhaled the trailer hook with the Squidy Bait on it!

It’s been catching more fish on my jigs and bucktails.Very good bait. Caught tons of different types of fish in one day.

I liked the bait. It lasts super long on the hook and workd really well.

Used it in Montauk, fluke fishing and it made the day.

Love it I will definitely buy it again the bait last all day

Love the tentacles, works well with any bucktail.