Catch’n & Cook’n INTL Fish Cookbook by Hey Skipper (Instant Download)


Our highly requested book is finally here! These are 7 delicious recipes straight from our Youtube “Catch and Cook” segments!  We don’t have the time to explain the exact recipes in our youtube videos, this is the best way for us to share with you our favorite fish recipes. Learn to cook your fresh caught fish in 7 different ways. Get ready to learn about classic fish dishes from Mediterranean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cajun, Chinese, UK and Mexican cuisine. 

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This book is about more than just food. It’s about digesting different cultures. To me, food is a vehicle to experience culture. I find that actively seeking out foods of  other cultures is great for expanding my appreciation for the differences we have in this world. 

These recipes are some of my favorite dishes from around the world. I have collected these recipes through friends and family of all ages and cultures. This book will be part of a series of cookbooks highlighting some best seafood cuisines from around the world. 

This is a 13 page E-Book, ready for you to download and print immediately!