Gyotaku Fish Print by Hey Skipper


A one-of-a-kind Hey Skipper collector’s item! Original hand-printed and signed gyotaku-style fish artwork created by Brendon himself of the exact fish he caught in several YouTube episodes. Each print is one of a kind and varies slightly– no two are exactly alike and there are extremely limited quantities of each.

There are two options for each species of fish. Embellished means that Brendon added his own artistic details to fill in parts of the fish that the original printing method may have missed. Impression means that the fish was hand-printed by Brendon and left without any added detail, a true impression of the fish that was caught.

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Gyotaku Fish Print by Hey Skipper

Each piece is created using non-toxic Japanese Sumi ink. As an avid fisherman, I view each fish print as a deeper look into our mysterious underwater world. I have a deep respect and understanding for the ocean, our planet and its creatures, thus I will only create gyotaku art from fish that are caught and will be eaten by myself, my family and my friends. Each of these gyotaku pieces is both a memory of a fish and a meal shared with my family.

Gyotaku is a traditional Japanese style of art dating back to the 1800’s. This art form was developed as a method for japanese fisherman to remember and record their catch. The word “Gyo” translates to fish, and “taku” translates to rubbing. This printmaking technique involves posing the fish, applying ink directly to the fish, placing rice paper over it, and hand rubbing the paper over the fish. The results are a perfect replica of the fresh catch.

Materials: Ink, Rice Paper

Small Prints measure approx. (9”H x 14”W)
Large Prints measure approx. (16”H x 28”W)
Weight: approx. 6-10 grams
Shipped in protective tube

Each print is unique and varies slightly in size and appearance — no two are exactly alike!