How to Gyotaku make an original fish print


Learn how to make your own artistic prints from the fish you’ve caught!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a physical reminder of the fun times you’ve had on the water and the trophy fish you’ve caught (without having to send it in to be stuffed?)

With this traditional Japanese printing method, you can keep your fish (and eat it too!) You will create a true replica of the exact fish you caught– the ultimate proof of that fish you want to brag to your friends about and the perfect response when they say “you’re long arming it in that photo!” Prints or it didn’t happen, am I right?

How to Gyotaku! We will teach you how to prepare your fresh catch for printing, cover what materials you will need, and demonstrate the actual technique for creating your print.

This is an easy and fun activity that you can do by yourself, with kids, or with friends to remember the great times you’ve had fishing together.



How to Gyotaku make an original fish print

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Gyotaku is a traditional Japanese style of art dating back to the 1800’s. This art form was developed as a method for japanese fisherman to remember and record their catch. The word “Gyo” translates to fish, and “taku” translates to rubbing.

This printmaking technique involves posing the fish, applying ink directly to the fish, placing rice paper over it, and hand rubbing the paper over the fish. The results are a perfect replica of the fresh catch.

As an avid fisherman, I view each fish print as a deeper look into our mysterious underwater world. I have a deep respect and understanding for the ocean, our planet and its creatures. To me,  each of these gyotaku pieces is both a memory of a fish and a meal shared with my family.

I hope to share this wonderful technique with you so that you may enjoy it and share it with your loved ones as well.

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