Show your support for your favorite fishing channel with this 3” X 3” waterproof sticker, perfect for your tackle box, phone or anywhere you see fit.  This sticker material is made of vinyl so it can get wet and sit in the sun with no problem. Designed by Brendon’s sister, Sam!

Limit 5 stickers per Customer

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In this design, characterized by symmetry, a refined, aquatically inspired color palette, and minimal detail, I digitally cut out the silhouettes of common Maryland fish and formed a mandala with each shape, along with the words “Go Outside! Fish Responsibly! Live Adventurously!”, representing a sense of wholeness found through a sustainable, humane, and responsible life outdoors.

I ask you to reflect on your own life- What elements make up your personal mandala? What completes you?

For me, inspiration exists in infinite forms- sometimes I find it in the way water ripples across a lake, sometimes I see it in the brief moments as I pass by strangers, and sometimes it seems to come from a deep place in my imagination. I make art and designs to express the emotions and ideas that lie beneath all these fleeting moments through color, composition, and iconography.

Find more of Sam’s art on Instagram @samanthaofsuch

Size: 3×3 inches

Weight: .01 oz