Pyramid Sinkers- Vibrant Orange- Beach Fishing Sinkers


Make the fish do a double take when they see your sinker! These specialty painted sinkers are designed to give you an extra edge when fishing in the surf. The neon orange colors mimic many of the creatures that fish love to eat such as ghost shrimp, sand fleas and clams. Our neon orange beach fishing pyramid sinkers are the perfect choice to hold your bait in place when fishing in heavy currents and sandy bottoms. This style of fishing sinker is ideal for beach fishing because the pyramid shape is aerodynamic allowing it to cast very far. When it lands in the water, it burrows itself into the sand to withstand movement and the flat sides resist rolling around the ocean floor.
(Available in 3 sizes, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz)

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These pyramid sinkers are ideal for casting far distances. If you aren’t getting a bite at a far distance, simply reel the sinker in to try different distances. Sputnik sinkers do not allow you to do this. Once you move the sputnik once, the grapple hooks come loose and will not stay in place anymore.

2oz- for use in light surf
3oz- for use in moderate surf
4oz- for use in heavy surf