Texas Jetty Fishing: Tales of a Traveling Fisherman


An adventure of two young filmmakers who are determined to catch and document a dream bucket list fish (an enormous Bull Red Fish) during their first day exploring the Texas jetties! 

Brendon and Erin have only heard legends of the enormous fish pulled from the Texas coast. Sharks, Redfish, Jack, Trout, Sheepshead, Flounder- all the gamefish are apparently supersized here. They must depend on their own fishing knowledge as well as help from local friends in order to pull up a dream fish from the water. 

Will nature defeat them? Will they find what they are looking for? Their Texas Jetty Fishing Adventure is just the start of everything!

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Texas Jetty Fishing: Tales of a Traveling Fisherman

Texas Jetty Fish are MASSIVE! Everything IS Bigger in Texas!

It pulls me forward, tugging my arms so hard that the pleasurable sensation and
thrill of the fight against the animal is almost diminished. The strength of it is only
multiplied by the force of the water. I feel my fingers straining against the rod, and I
can’t help the automatic response that causes my fingers to tighten, and the grips against
the rod bury themselves into my palm. Ah, yeah! I think as I feel my palms redden before
I even get the chance to look at them. I can tell from the fight that it won’t be an easy
win, and the calluses forming against the top of my hand only confirm my suspicions.
My body and stance change with the heat of the fight, and I can’t help the wide
grin that splits across my face. I enjoy the way that I sway with the animal on the end
of the line; no matter how long I fish, even after all of this time, the thrill of the fight
pulls me back to the very first time. It feels like a dance more than anything, and I am
once again aware of the feeling of the sting in my biceps.
I feel my legs moving to the right and I willingly follow the opponent on the end
of the line. The grin is still on my face, feeling permanent at this point, as I continue to
reel in my line, and I feel a wave of gratitude washing over me, grateful to have Erin here
recording the moment, cementing this in my memory and keeping my battle as a
physical reminder. I feel like this moment belongs in a story, maybe even a movie, and
this has got to be the climax.
Let’s start from the beginning.

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