We wrote and designed this guide to answer some of the most common questions we get on our channel about surf or beach fishing. If you’re just starting out or you’re hoping to get your kids or other loved ones into fishing, this guide covers many basics and walks you through each step to get on some fish! This is an instant download that you can print yourself to keep on hand whenever you need it. This guide will be available in an email that is sent to you once your payment is confirmed.

  • How to catch fish on the beach
  •  How to tie our Favorite Beach Fishing Rig
  • How to tie 2 of the most reliable knots
  •  The best baits to use on the Beach
  •  How to chose sinker size
  •  How to chose hook size
  •  How to locate fishing hotspots
  •  Rods & Reel  recommendation


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Here at Hey Skipper we do all sorts of fishing. One of our favorite spots to fish at is along the surf and shoreline. We have created this Surf Fishing Adventure Guide loaded with tips and guidelines to be successful in catching fish on the surf!

You are about to go on a Hey Skipper adventure! Our new Surf Fishing Adventure Guide provides all the basic information you need to know for a successful beach fishing trip. We’re equipping you with the Hey Skipper Surf Fishing Adventure Guide which includes detailed instructions on our methods for catching fish at any beach around the world.

DOWNLOADABLE AND PRINTABLE! Bring this guide with you to the beach and let us help you get on some fish! This guide will be available in an email that is sent to you once your payment is confirmed.

Whether you’re a beginner fisherman or an expert, this is the perfect reference guide for you or a loved one you’re trying to get into fishing to have in their tackle bag. It will remind you how to tie reliable knots and rigs, assess conditions, choose bait and hook size, read tide charts, and more. We hope you’ll share any and all of your catches with us. Good luck out there!

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