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The BEST ALL-IN-ONE Fishing Bait!

This is truly a unique fishing bait with many functions. Cut your own lures out using our naturally scented, tough, salt-preserved squid bait. You will be surprised how well it works. The Squid works well as bait OR used as a lure/trailer. It gives fisherman an opportunity to get creative with the way they use their bait. It stays perfectly preserved in room temps for MONTHS. No more stinky cars! No more rotten smells coming from your bags!

IDEAL FOR ALL FISHING: Surf Fishing, Pier Fishing, Jetty Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, you name it!

Squidy Bits was created  because we were tired of small fish ripping off our soft, expensive bloodworms and we wanted something that wouldn’t stink and go bad if we forgot it in our bag. Thus, Squidy Bits was born, and it is much more than we could have ever imagined it to be!

Squidy Bits Lineup


How long before the Squidy Bits go bad?

We have a bag of squid from the first batch that we salted in January 2018 and it hasn’t gone bad yet. It’s spent most of it’s time in the refrigerator, but has also been taken in and out a few times as well. As long as the squid does not look mushy or smell putrid it is still good to use. We have not yet received a report of squid going bad. Keep us updated.

Should I keep it in the refrigerator or freezer?

We prefer to keep the squid in a ziplock bag and in the refrigerator for longer term storage. We’ve found that when we freeze the bait and then let it thaw out, the melting water makes the bait a little wetter, but either way works. When we keep it in the refrigerator, it is perfectly preserved; however, it is not necessary to refrigerate your Squidy Bits . The bait is perfectly able to stay preserved in any cool, dry place for over a couple months. We’ve kept it in our car, fishing bag, suitcases, and I’ve even found some in Brendon’s pockets. Keep out of direct sunlight and hot temperatures.

How do I use it?

Check out our exclusive content page to watch videos on how we use this squid. How you use the squid also depends on which type you choose. We like to use the tentacles to tip on the end of jig heads and other lures as a replacement for soft plastics. With Uncut Squidy Bits, we prefer to cut off pieces to bait on rigged hooks with sinkers, then we simply throw the bait out and wait for a fish to strike. We like to cut them into long strips and fish them on the end of bucktails as well! Again, its really up to your creativity!  The Uncut Squids are unique because they allow the angler to cut pieces and shapes specific to the lure or rig they are using.

What species of fish has it caught?

We know that Squidy Bits has caught these species (and the list continues to grow): striped bass, flounder, bonito, scup/ porgy, black drum, sea robin, mackerel, gag grouper, white perch, spot, bluefish, pompano, jack crevalle, catfish, pinfish, porkfish, black margate, oyster crackers, bluegill, fall fish, largemouth and smallmouth bass.