Pier Fishing Techniques for BIG FISH! (Tackle, gear and strategy)


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This is my newest tutorial to date! Follow along as I break down EXACTLY how I fish new piers, and how I consistently catch fish no matter where I am. I will cover three different ways to catch fish, including my favorite method for catching BIG fish. These techniques and rigs can be applied to almost any pier. You will learn the exact tackle I use, including rods, reels and line, how to set up your gear, how to fish, where to cast, where to find bait, and more! 

This lesson will be taught in my first person perspective based on my recent experience of pier fishing at the Fort Desoto Pier in Florida. I hope you enjoy reading it and go out to try these methods for yourself.


This tutorial is a collaborative project between Brendon and Erin, recounting their adventure while pier fishing in Florida and using graphics, diagrams, and images to detail the tackle and gear needed to complete the mission yourself. Told in first person, you will go through the journey of fishing with Brendon as he meets locals, problem solves, and thinks through how to catch the most amount of fish. This is a short, narrative story you could read to study up before a trip and also get prepared to catch some fish of your own. 

Piers have always been a sure-fire bet for those who want to have a fun day full of catching fish. Piers don’t only provide structure for fish to hide from predators, they are also a place for oyster shells and crustaceans to attach themselves and subsequently attract hungry fish who are ready to eat a crunchy and delicious meal. Up your pier game with these three reliable methods for catching fish. We will explain the circumstances you might face in order to properly choose which rig to use, and walk you through our own thoughts as we catch fish from the pier.

Whether you’re a beginner fisherman or an expert, this is the perfect reference guide for you or a loved one you’re trying to get into fishing to have in their tackle bag. It will remind you how to tie reliable rigs to catch a large variety of fish. We hope you’ll share any and all of your catches with us. Good luck out there!

This EBook is 22 pages long.

DOWNLOADABLE AND PRINTABLE! This is not a physical book. Print yourself or bring this guide with you on your phone on your next trip out and let us help you get on some fish! This guide will be available in an email that is sent to you once your payment is confirmed.

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