Squidy Bits- Salty Jiggin’ Tentacles (2-Pack)

The Squidy Bits: Jigging Tentacles is our premium bait and comes with a FULL set of squid tentacles. There are many ways to fish with these Tentacles: hook and sinker, freeline, or just feed a tentacle on a jighead or a bucktail for fantastic, lifelike action and scent. Get creative with this bait! Squidy Bits Jigging Tentacles are carefully put through our premium super-secret salting process and hand-trimmed before making their way to you.  This squid is specially formulated to not stink up your tackle box while also being packed full of natural scent that fish go crazy for! And, did we mention, there’s no need to freeze it!? This bait works for any kind of fishing you can imagine: saltwater, deep sea, beach fishing, pier fishing, jetty fishing, freshwater fishing, you name it!  And, one of our favorite features: it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable! 


This includes 2 Packs of Squidy Bits: Salty Jigging Tentacles


Available on backorder

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